Return it Guarantee

We stand behind every vehicle we sell.

If your pre-owned vehicle is not right for you, bring it back.
Return it, and we'll help you find the one you love.

The purchaser may exchange/trade-in an eligible pre-owned vehicle to the Gengras Dealership where vehicle was purchased within 3 days of purchase (date of purchase is day 1)  or 1,500 miles, whichever comes first, if not completely satisfied with the purchase.  The purchaser will receive credit for the following amounts paid towards the original pre-owned vehicle returned (subject to refund provisions below).


·         The down payment

·         The "agreed upon trade value"

·         Any amounts paid towards the principle balance of the finance agreement.



If the purchase price of the replacement vehicle is less than the purchase price of the vehicle being returned, the purchaser will receive credit for the difference.  If the purchase price of the replacement vehicle is more, the purchaser will pay the difference.  Any charges or modifications in finance agreements resulting from these transactions are subject to the approval of the funding source.



All retail pre-owned vehicles are eligible for the 3 day exchange policy and are eligible to be traded within the first 3 calendar days (date of purchase is day 1) or 1,500 miles after delivery, whichever comes first (subject to the exclusions below).


·         Convertibles

·         High performance vehicles, such as, but not limited to, BMW M vehicles, Chevrolet Corvettes

·         Exotic vehicles, such as, but not limited to, Porsche.

·         Specialty and/or off road vehicles, such as motorcycles. Some  motorcycles qualify

·         Fleet vehicles and/or wholesale to the public vehicles.

·         CAC vehicles

·         Vehicles used for livery, taxi, delivery service, or commercial use.

·         Customers or family members of customers who previously returned vehicles under these programs.

·         Vehicles acquired in exchange under these programs.

·         Vehicles that have had any aftermarket accessories installed (either at a Gengras dealership or by the purchaser of by others).

·         All new vehicle purchases.


Refund Provisions:

Return: Vehicle MUST returned to the General Manager of the Gengras dealership where vehicle was purchased in exact condition in which it was delivered, without any damage or excessive wear and tear, by the original purchaser and be accompanied by all the original documentation, registration, license and delivery paperwork.


Vehicle Inspection:  Any vehicle returned under this program will be inspected by the General Manager of the dealership.  The vehicle will be inspected for eligibility, damage and excessive wear and tear.  If it is determined that a non-warranty repair has been performed or is necessary and equals $300 or greater, the vehicle is not eligible to be returned.  If this repair amount equals less than $300, the damage repair estimates will be deducted from the refund or credit amount due.


Costs Eligible for Refund:  The dealership WILL NOT refund tax, title, registration and license fees.  However, the customer may be eligible for abatements from the state for some of these costs.  Customers may pay any interest and principal balance and/or any other amounts due in order to provide a free and clear title of the vehicle to the dealership.  Vehicle insurance, life insurance, disability insurance and/or any related expenses are all separate transactions from the vehicle purchase and are the sole responsibility of the customer.


Valuation of "Trade-In" Vehicle: If the Customer traded a vehicle as part of the used vehicle purchase, the "agreed upon trade-in or actual cash value" will be used in determining the refund value to be applied towards another Gengras vehicle.  If the Customer had a loan on the vehicle traded-in, that amount will be subtracted from the "agreed upon trade-in or actual cash value" to determine the net amount due to the Customer for his trade. NOTE:  If the loan balance exceeds the "agreed upon trade-in value or actual cash value", this will create a negative equity situation and the client will be responsible for paying Gengras that amount, and it will be factored into the calculation of the total refund of the trade-in amount on another Gengras vehicle.